Democratic Women of Grayson County
Nominations for the Ann Richards Award

Democratic Women of Grayson County (DWGC) have hosted biennial Eleanor Roosevelt Celebrations since 2006. In addition to the biennial Eleanor Roosevelt Award, a second award called the Ann Richards Award was added in 2008. DWGC’s Executive Board will honor individuals periodically who meet established guidelines for the AR Award.

The most recent nomination period was
February 15 through March 31.

Recipient Criteria
DWGC’s Executive Board seeks a recipient who:
1. has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to the Democratic Party;
2. has exemplified through service and action the beliefs and values of the Democratic Party (See statement on reverse side); and
3. has made diverse contributions to the Democratic Party in Grayson County.

Excerpts from 2008 Texas Democratic Party Platform

“We have a vision of a Texas where opportunity knows no race, no gender, no color—a glimpse of what can happen in government if we simply open the doors and let the people in.” Governor Ann Richards, Inaugural Address, 1991

Texas Democrats believe government can be as good as the people. We have faith that democracy, built on the sacred values of family, freedom and fairness, can afford every Texan, without exception, the opportunity to achieve their God-given potential.

We believe democratic government exists to achieve as a community, state, and nation what we cannot achieve as individuals; and that it must not serve only a powerful few.

We believe every Texan has inalienable rights that even a majority may not take away…the right to vote…the right to fair and open participation and representation in the democratic process…the right to privacy.

We believe in freedom …from government interference in our private lives and personal decisions… to exercise civil and human rights… of religion and individual conscience.

We believe in equal opportunity for all Texans…to receive a quality public education from childhood through college…to have access to affordable health care…to find a good job with dignity…to buy or rent a good home in a safe community…to breathe clean air and drink clean water.

We believe a growing economy should benefit all Texans…that the people who work in a business are as important as those who invest in it…that every person should be paid a living wage…that no person who works full time should be paid a wage below the poverty level…that good business offers a fair deal for customers…that the burden of taxes should be fairly distributed…that government policy should not favor corporations that seek offshore tax shelters, exploit workers, or pollute our environment.

We believe that our lives, homes, communities and country are made secure…by cooperative efforts of involved citizens, law enforcement, and emergency personnel…by retirement and pension security…by encouraging job security where it is possible and providing appropriate assistance and retraining when it is not…by the preservation of our precious natural resources and quality of life…by compassionate policy that offers a safety net for those most vulnerable and in need.

We believe America is made stronger by the men and women who put their lives on the line when it is necessary to engage our military to secure our nation.

We believe America is made more secure by competent diplomatic leadership that uses the moral, ethical, economic assets of a powerful, free nation to avoid unnecessary military conflict.

We believe in the benefits derived from the individual strengths of our diverse population. We honor “family values” through policies that value all our families.

We believe an honest, ethical state government that serves the public interest, and not the special interests, will help all Texans realize economic and personal security.

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